NOVUM Structural System

NOVUM Innovative technologies since 1985 provide the system approach in building of atriums, glass facades, transparent and translucent cupolas, the canopies protecting designs for stadiums, galleries, glass roof structures of almost any forms and configurations worldwide.
The innovative offers of NOVUM Company are belt coverings from etilen-tetra-fluorine-etilena (ETFE).

Originally, this material has been invented for use in the aviation industry and astronautics, instead of so a long time began to be used and in building.

Belt coverings from ETFE — are steady against ultra-violet influence, have very high durability, are durable and ecologically safe, are thus steady against alkalis and acid environments. The important advantage of a covering from ETFE is the high transparency (90-95 %) at and much lighter than glass. At the expense of a smooth surface it is a self- cleaning covering during a rain, reducing expenses for its service at operation. Belt coverings from ETFE can be completely transparent or with adjustable system of blackout in the afternoon and as the decision with the illumination device is possible at night. For maintenance demanded heat engineering characteristics film coverings from ETFE can be executed in the form of single-chamber or multichamber pneumatic pillows.

At a fire polymer ETFE does not extend fire on the surface, independently dies away, is not toxic and does not allocate burning drops. Under the influence of direct fire the belt material allows a flame to come to light, releasing thereby internal space from a smoke and a heat.

Glass use in building idea far not new, but already developed and realized projects of NOVUM Company should surprise with the non-standard approach to an embodiment of ideas of architects and the complex decision of appearance of a design.
The system approach of NOVUM Company to each project allows to realize the most courageous of ideas of architects and to create individual and unique images of buildings.